Kobe Steel, Ltd.

KOBELCO is a corporate brand of KOBE STEEL GROUP who is a major steel producer in Japan founded in 1905.

KOBE STEEL adopts diversified farming system and has 8 major business units, Iron & Steel, Aluminum & Copper, Welding, Machinery, Engineering, Construction Machinery, Mobile Crane, and other business unit like Real Estate. Each business unit is leading Japanese industry with its ‘Only One / Number One’ technology.

Now the consolidate turnover is $ 17.92 billion, number of subsidiaries are more than 200, and total numbers of employee reaches 36,018 in 03.2013.

KOBELCO Compressor

KOBELCO starts manufacturing high pressure reciprocating compressor in 1915, first in Japan. And from that day, we have leaded compressor industry. In 1956, we launch first Oil Free Screw Compressor as technical collaboration with Svenska Rotor Maskiner AB (SRM). We, KOBELCO, are the manufacturer who can make both Oil-Free and Oil-Injected Screw from law material to finish product. There is no compromise in quality as well as performance.

Till today, we lead compressor industry with its energy efficient and reliable product to help increasing client productivity.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan

Leading producer of industrial compressor

Oil-Injected Screw Compressor : 2 – 340HP

Oil-Free Screw Compressor : 2 – 530HP

Certified quality with : ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO8573-1 Class 0

Global Operations

KOBELCO has four factories in Japan (2 location), US, and in Shanghai. We can supply most suitable products from convenient location to anywhere in the world. There are numbers of sales/service providers locating in the world to serve our product in well condition.

Type : SG15A-15kw (Air cooled)

Capacity control…fixed Speed,

Premium line oil-injected screw compressor ranged from 20 – 340HP.‘Kobelion’ stands for KOBELCO + LION, which is the strongest animal onthe earth. Kobelion always benchmarks world best energy savingcompressor with its advanced technology in compression and control.

Technical data
(performance at reference condition as per ISO1217-2009 Annex C)

Discharge air flow

88 CFM

Wide range control



3,000 rpm

Max operating pressure

7.5 barg

Reference pressure

7.0 barg

Nominal motor power

15 kW

Electrical connection

415 V / 3 ph / 50Hz

Starter detail


Dimension (W x L x H), mm

1500 x 880 x 1350

Weight (dry)

640 kg

Service area


1500/1000 mm

Motor protection


Motor type

EFF1, Induction motor

Motor construction

TEFC Air cooled

Fan motor

0.55 kW

Oil pump motor


Discharge temperature

Less than 35.0 C

Noise level

57 dBA

Lube oil capacity

7.8 L

Discharge connection

R2 1