Ace Automation Control Equipment Private Limited” are one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of products based on Industrial Absorption Technology. It includes Industrial Shock Absorbers, Clamp and Safety System, Safety Shock Absorbers, Heavy duty Shock absorber, Lift Buffers, Gas Springs, Precision Hydraulic Feed Controls, Hydraulic Dampers, Rotary Dampers, Tubus Profile Damper, ACE Vibration Sensors, Special Stainless Steel Shocks and Slab Damping Plates. Other than this, the Clamp and Safety systems offered by us are made available in form of Ace Locked for Lm Rails.

Many years of experience in industrial deceleration field and successful cooperation with most prestigious engineering establishments & universities has also given us the ability to develop complex simulation programs that are proven time & again to be correct on live projects. These features are made available for clients and help in meeting the complete requirements be it the need of just one small part or developing a complete new range of products.

Presently, we have gained high recognition in the linear deceleration market (Industrial Shock Absorbers) as well as for many other complementary products that are developed for providing valuable assistance in absorbing shock, controlling speeds as well as even lifting loads.

  • Shock Absorber
  • Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
  • Stainless Steel Shock Absorbers
  • Safety Shock Absorbers
  • Gas Spring
  • Slab Damping Plates
  • Rotary Damper
  • Hydraulic Dampers
  • Tubus Profile Damper
  • Precision Hydraulic Feed Controls
  • PET and GLASS Shock Absorbers