The VSO®- MAX is a high flow miniature proportional valve that provides maximum flow capabilities to 240 s/lpm while consuming less than two watts of power. The valve delivers a high rate of controllable flow while consuming 25% less power than comparable miniature proportional valves. The VSO®- MAX miniature high flow proportional valve is an ideal solution for applications requiring low hysteresis and fast response, such as ventilators with fresh breathing circuit gas delivery, as well as other medical, analytical, and pathogen detection devices. This valve can be used with inlet pressures of 5 to 60 psi/g and features three standard control voltage ranges (5, 12 and 24 VDC).


> Delivers a wide range of controllable flow
> Provides repeatable flow performance over its rated life
> Cleaned for Oxygen service use
> Low power consumption generates less heat
> Proven performance tested to 25 million life cycles
> RoHS compliant


Oxygen Concentrators
Oxygen Conservers
Anesthesia Delivery & Monitors
Pressure & Flow Control

Mass flow control

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