The VSO®- MI is miniature proportional valve specifically designed for medical device manufacturers. Based upon Parker Hannifin’s benchmark VSO® design, the VSO®- MI miniature proportional valve incorporates thermal compensation to provide precise flow control and stability over a wide operating temperature range. The VSO®- MI miniature proportional valve is oxygen service clean and has been evaluated by registered laboratories to guidelines established within the ISO 10993-1:2009 matrix and USP regulatory standards for bio-compatibility. Together with integrated filtration and manifold seals, low power consumption and its light weight design, the VSO®- MI helps reduce the time and cost of system integration and compliance. The VSO®- MI miniature proportional valve is cost effective solution ideally suited for manufacturers of portable and stationary medical devices.


> Thermally compensated to maintain precision flow and accuracy
> Evaluated to established guidelines within the ISO 10993-1:2009 matrix and USP regulatory standards for bio-compatibility
> Proven performance tested to 25 million life cycles
> Integrated filters to protect the valve from damaging upstream and downstream particulates
> Cleaned for Oxygen Service Use
> RoHS compliant


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